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Holy Cow!!

19 Comments September 19th, 2008 by Jonathan

Wow! The response to PrintWhatYouLike has been overwhelming!  Thanks to everyone who has tried out the site! Unfortunately, the response has literally been overwhelming for the server. Since this morning the site has been coughing up “exceeded quota” error messages. Some changes have been made to reduce the load on the server, I think the error messages have mostly gone away now.

To reduce the server load, I had to remove the save changes feature. With save changes, every time somebody makes a change on a page, an ajax request with the contents of the change is sent down to the server. The next time somebody goes to the same page, the site will offer to apply the previous changes to the page.

I’m working on revamping the save changes feature so there is a save button. You changes will only be saved when you click the button, as opposed to any tme you make a change.


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  1. Anukul says:

    This is great service. Please don’t ever shutdown. You are helping millions of people.
    I have blogged about you on my site too.

    Thumbs Up!

    T3c-n0-cr@t: The Blog-e-zine

  2. RK says:

    Your solution is AWESOME. Great job!

  3. Matt Penny says:

    This is a really good idea – I often print stuff to read on the train and this is exactly what I needed.


  4. this service is fantastic, I like to print of images of various things/images to help me carve unusual sculptures in my chainsaw carving business.
    once again thank you for coming up with a brilliant easy to use service,
    martin shepheard from

  5. Julien, France says:

    Great idea and good implementation too.
    Do you plan to develop an entreprise solution ?
    I’me sure there are many possibilities

  6. Greg Malek says:

    Great Tool.
    I would speak to Google to integrate some of the ideas…

  7. hibs says:

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  8. I like the functionallity of this tool. The only thing I would suggest is that maybe it needs the facility to save the edited page to an account. This would be ideal for people like me who often use shared computers. The page could be cobbled together and then saved for printing once back at their own machine

  9. Shane says:

    Nice one!
    Really easy to use.

    Can you do the same for Outlook emails?
    I’m sick of having peoples disclaimers, signatures and all the trailing and forwarded text printing out?

  10. Ming Zhu says:

    I came from a blog on Nice website. Good job.

    I’ll add links from the websites I made to your site. -mingz

  11. palimadra says:

    The site scores on usabiltiy

  12. palimadra says:

    The site scores on usability. Making code available for use by website owners would make the service more popular.

  13. Ludovic says:

    Great idea guys, but doesn’t work with accentuated text: try this for instance

  14. Lucy says:

    Fantastic service and a great idea. Have you thought about a firefox plugin? Might save you a bit of load on the server.

  15. Jonathan says:

    Thanks everyone!

    @The Pinged Hobbit: I’m working on an option to save your edited page as a pdf or html document. I hope that will solve your problem.

    @Shane: Good question! Right now it is not possible to use pwyl on your emails. Soon there will be a bookmarklet which will allow you to use the pwyl editor on any webmail accounts you access through your browser, such as gmail, hotmail, and the web version of Outlook. Regular Outlook is a whole different ball of wax. When emails are displayed in Outlook instead of your browser, pwyl won’t work at all. It may be possible to integrate pwyl into Outlook with an Outlook plugin, but I know very little about that. So to answer your question, in the near term unfortunately it is not possible. In the long term we will look into the feasibility of making an outlook plugin.

    @palimadra: We were thinking the same thing! A widget to allow blog owners to offer a printer-friendly view of their blog is on the Todo list

    @Ludovic: Fixed!

    @Lucy: Already working on it!

  16. Santosh says:

    Simply Great Effort !!!

  17. john says:

    would it be possible to make an air app … it would make the save to pdf easier

  18. ellen says:

    how do you download this wonderful thing?

  19. Jonathan says:

    @ellen: The site is kind of confusing- you actually don’t need to download anything to use PrintWhatYouLike- everything runs in your browser. Just copy the url (the http://www… address) of a page, paste it into the ‘Enter a url to start’ box on, and hit start.