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Introducing PrintWhatYouLike Pro!

We just released a new version of PrintWhatYouLike with some great additional features!

Change Sets

Now you can save the changes you make in PrintWhatYouLike and reapply those changes on other pages.  For example, if you print lots of recipes from a website, you can save the set of changes it takes to make the recipe print nicely.  The next time you need to print a recipe, just apply your changes.  This is a great way to save time and easily make any web page printer friendly.


Do you compile bits and pieces of information from lots of different web pages?  Usually, you will try to paste the parts of the web page into a Word document, but the formatting gets all messed up.  I have to do this when I make handouts for my Girl Scout troop, and it is a real pain.  With PrintWhatYouLike Pro, you can save snippets of web pages and easily compile them together into one document for printing.  Since you do it all from browser, the formatting is preserved, and your document will look great when it is printed.

Track Savings

Now you can track how much money you are saving! PrintWhatYouLike tracks your savings in pages saved, money saved, trees saved, and CO2 saved


Since the new features require saving information, you will need to sign up for an account to use the new features.  You can try out the new features by signing up for a Free Trial Account.  You can save two change sets and six clips with a Free Trial Account.  If you really like the new features, you can upgrade to a Pro account for $5/month and save unlimited change sets and clips!

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