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New Thumbnail Generation Service for Saving Clips

Comments Off on New Thumbnail Generation Service for Saving Clips November 16th, 2009 by Cassie

When you save a clip, PrintWhatYouLike uses a thumbnail generation service to create a small image of the clip.  We experienced issues with the service we were using, WebShotsPro.  When we originally released the clips feature, the thumbnail generation service was working well.  However, as time went on, WebShotsPro was no longer even generating thumbnail images.

We just switched to a new thumbnail generation service called WebThumb, and it works great!  WebShotsPro had a delay in generating thumbnail images, so sometimes it would take a long time to generate the image if there was a long queue.  PrintWhatYouLike had to periodically attempt to download the thumbnail image to see if it had been generated.  WebThumb generates the thumbnail image immediately, so by the time you are ready to create a page from your clips, the thumbnail images of all your clips will be ready for you!  This is a great improvement to the clips feature, and it will be much easier to create a page from clips.


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