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New Look for the PrintWhatYouLike Toolbar

Since we designed the PrintWhatYouLike toolbar, it is simple and easy for us to use. However, when we asked our parents to try it out, it was a whole different story… At first they tried clicking on the Print button, thinking it would magically format the page for them, but they were disappointed to find out that it only printed the page as is. It went from bad to worse as we watched them struggle to figure out how to use the different options for editing the page. My mom only wanted to print part of a web page, but she had trouble selecting exactly what she wanted to print. She had no clue that the ‘More’ and ‘Less’ options could change the size of the selection.

We decided to redesign the toolbar so that anyone can use it, even your parents or grandparents! We reduced a lot of the confusion by removing the options from the toolbar that only apply to selected elements. Instead, a menu pops up next to the selected element with the options for editing the selection. This simplified the options available on the toolbar.

A few more changes to how things work:

  1. The ‘Apply Change Set’ dropdown menu will only appear when there is a change set available to apply to the page.
  2. We removed the ‘Save Change Set’ button. To a save change set, click on ‘Save As’, and select ‘Change Set’.

We think PrintWhatYouLike is much easier to use now, so try it out! Let us know what you think of the new toolbar, and send us your stories of showing your parents or grandparents how to use PrintWhatYouLike!

20 Comments April 15th, 2010 by Cassie