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10 Comments July 21st, 2011 by Cassie

To make using PrintWhatYouLike even easier, we just released a Chrome Extension! The Chrome Extension behaves like the Bookmarklet and loads the PrintWhatYouLike editor on the web page you’re currently viewing. However, the Chrome Extension loads PrintWhatYouLike much faster! Also, if you have sync enabled for Chrome, you will have PrintWhatYouLike available on all the computers you use by installing it just once!


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  1. Leszek Cyfer says:

    Installed and commented.

    It really is faster!
    Very pleased 🙂

    • Leszek Cyfer says:

      Only thing to fix – there’s no names on the little bar that shows when you click on the page.

      You can still read description when you hover over buttons so its useable…

      • Cassie says:

        On some pages, the page’s style can affect the styling of the PrintWhatYouLike toolbar, so that is probably what happened on the page.

    • Leszek Cyfer says:

      Fast work fixing that!

      If only you could do something with the white on black pages – if you hide the background there’s white page – the text is white on white.

      Could you add a button “black on white”?

      Please 🙂

      • Cassie says:

        When you hide the background, PrintWhatYouLike sets the text color to black, so the text should not be white. Can you send me the URL of the page where this happened?

        • Leszek Cyfer says:

          I tried it now on white on black page where I had trouble before and it worked 🙂

          Thanks for fast fix!

  2. Leszek Cyfer says:

    OK. I found that when hiding the background is the first thing I do it then white on black switches to black on white, but when I [Isolate] first, then hide background, I got the white on white effect.

    For now I have to remember to hide background first

    Try here for example:

  3. Bilal says:

    Thanks for this chrome extension.

    Any plans for Opera?


  4. Stephanie Hutley says:

    Can I have my old button back? This chrome extension works on some pages and not on others. I would rather have the button on my toolbar so I don’t have make that decision. How do I get it back please. I have it on an old computer, and see the java script pattern. but I am hoping that I can make easier.
    Thank you.

    The desktop has the javascript functionality, so I should be able to move this to my toolbar & change it.
    Should thoroughly test sites, like

  5. Shawn Selway says:

    Can you add functionality to allow for us to save certain sites to AUTO-PageZipper? Would love to have it done automatically for some sites. Otherwise, good work!!