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3 Comments July 29th, 2011 by Cassie

We finally combined our two projects, PrintWhatYouLike and PageZipper! Thanks for the great suggestion from our users! On the PrintWhatYouLike toolbar, there is an ‘Add Next Page’ button that will add the next page for you based on what PageZipper thinks is the next page. The button will only show up on pages that have a ‘Next’ link. When you add the next page, any edits you have made to the first page will be applied the next page so that everything prints out nicely.  Try it out on Time’s list of the top ten state fair foods, and get in the mood for delicious and unusual food at your state fair!


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  1. Dave Imboden says:

    Not sure why the simple instructions don’t work for my IE browswer. I followed directions … I had to reload from favorites onto the toolbar, but then it only opened the same page I had opened to get the download instructions from.

  2. Benny G. says:

    Works fine for me. Great.

  3. Anne Myers says:

    Love this program, it has really come in handy! Thank you for offering it.