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Q: Why am I getting the ‘This page contains frames…’ message? Why can’t I just edit my page?

A: Most pages work fine in pwyl, but some sites use a feature called frames. Frames are a way to combine multiple web pages into one page. When you look at a framed page in your browser, it may not look any different than a normal page. But behind the scenes, the structure of a framed page is totally different. Different enough to break pwyl. Your getting the ‘This page contains frames’ page, because the page you requested contains frames.

Q: Ok, so what does PWYL do to fix this problem?

A: The solution is to break the framed site back into its original components. Usually a framed page consists of one useful page, and some less useful pages like headers and toolbars. The ‘This page contains frames..’ page lists all the pages in the frameset you requested. Clicking on one of the links in the list will let you edit that page in pwyl.