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“Everyone had an absolute blast!"


“The energy in the Zoom room was like no other virtual meeting! If you want an event that engages your team and is a ton of fun, I highly recommend hiring Jon.”


“The best best virtual magic show I’ve seen!”


Virtual Magic for An Unreal Event

     Just because these big scary companies enjoy professional magician Jon Finch so much doesn't mean you can't too.


&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Everyone’s tired. Everyone misses their real life. Your online event’s coming up and you need it to be good.

You may not all meet in person like you used to, but you want to give your group a virtual experience they actually feel excited about. Stop thinking just because you’re event is on Zoom, it has to be second best.

What if you could get even the cynics, skeptics, and introverts to sit forward in their seats, eyes wide, shouting out, “What is HAPPENING?!”

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp With 100+ glowing reviews of his interactive virtual magic for adults, it’s easy for professional virtual Zoom magician and mentalist Jon Finch to get your group out of their shells, laughing out loud—and then thanking you for creating such a special and fun virtual event they’ll never forget.

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp When we don't meet in the same room; when our colleagues and friends are reduced to a small face in a square on our screens — it can be hard to feel socially connected.

The beauty of Zoom Magician Jon Finch’s interactive virtual magic is it’s an opportunity for your audience members to get to know one another on a much deeper level than a Zoom room usually affords.

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspEveryone leaves feeling connected to each other.

And if it’s a virtual team meeting or corporate event you’re organizing? Even better!

Because not only do they feel this connection to one another, they feel it to your company or organization. That’s the power you have as an event manager when you bring Jon’s amazing virtual magic to your meeting.

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspWhen you hire the best zoom magician to take care of your virtual event entertainment, you excite your team again about why they all enjoy working together. You remind them just because you’re not physically in person, you’re still all in this together working towards the same thing. You're still connected as a team.

How Much Does Virtual Magic and Mentalism on Zoom Enhance The Online Meeting Experience?

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Virtual magic is one of the most extraordinary things you can experience. Zoom magician Jon Finch performs his incredible feats right in front of your face, close up. That means if there are 8 or 80 people in your group, everyone will be able to see — it's like they were standing onstage looking over his shoulder. The best thing about virtual performances: anyone can participate because no matter how many attendees you’re inviting, every single person feels like a star when they're performing virtual magic together.

With Jon Finch's interactive virtual magic, you can feel like a part of the action no matter where in the world you are. The experience is as close to being there without actually needing to be anywhere at all!

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Zoom Magician for Corporate Events


Virtual Magician Jon Finch knows how to bring your company events to life!

There’s a reason virtual magician Jon Finch is one of the busiest entertainers in the world. Zoom Magician Jon Finch performs his tricks virtually so anyone can see the miniature miracles from any location – even if there are 200 people in attendance. Imagine seeing a magician with your friends, in person. And the magician calls your friend as the volunteer.

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp The best thing about this virtual magic show is everyone gets to feel like they were on stage with the magician as he performs these amazing feats of illusion and witness the magic up close without ever having to leave their seats.
Virtual Magician Jon Finch is a seasoned professional and has performed shows through power outages (he has back-up power), an internet outage (in early 2020 he invested in a hotspot—you know Jon Finch..every show has to be perfect with Jon Finch). Video chat can take up a good amount of bandwidth, so magician Jon Finch has fiber internet with insanely fast 1000 Mpbs download and 1000 Mpbs upload speed to handle it all."

He performs his tricks in your own hands and connects to the internet so the virtual magic and mentalism can be experienced by anyone around the world with access to Zoom, an app for video conferencing.

What about tech issues? You won’t need to worry about the tech—you and your team just click the invite link and you’re in the show! It’s not like watching a movie—it’s like being in a movie with your friends and colleagues when magician Jon Finch does his show because it's even more interactive!

Illusionist Jon Finch has virtual magic tricks leaving your jaw on the floor. His shows are designed for those who want to have a unique virtual event and connect with others in ways they never thought possible before.

Take a scroll down through this Zoom chat after Nickelodeon’s virtual team meeting event with magician Jon Finch. It’s WILD!!

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp This is a very special event and it's perfect for connecting with co-workers. It can be used as a virtual team building exercise or an all around fun day out, so bring your family too if they're interested in some virtual sleight-of hand card tricks.

Virtual Virtuoso Jon Finch is a magician who has been performing magic since he was six years old and now still continues to provide an unforgettable experience. He found his love for this craft when learning card tricks and all things mysterious in the school library as a child in school during recess periods. Jon’s dedication to mastering the art form led him from shows all over USA, Canada, England, Germany, and through Australia. Now you and your group get the chance to experience Virtual Magician Jon Finch!


“People loved it!”

Travis McPeak, Netflix


The Best Interactive Virtual Magic Show Performance for A Corporate Event

Is it really magic?

Jon Finch doesn’t need camera trickery or special effects to leave your jaw on the virtual show floor and your minds blown. It's not just his online magic shows but also Jon Finch's personality that melts Zoom fatigue like mercury in a microwave!

An online magic show so good you can stick a fork in it!

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With magician Jon Finch

you get a virtual event that has every person engaged from the first minute.

virtual magician online magic show

Jon Finch has mastered online attention grabbing like I have never seen. This was a group of very skeptical professionals that present to zoom audiences for a living. I know they learned something, I certainly did!

Jennifer Charron, Workday

online magic shows

Mind Blowing Virtual Zoom Mentalist

You watch the odd man from a thousand miles away, but you can see he’s looking into your eyes. He waves over his chest and you can feel the spot he is pointing to as if a string attached to your finger was being pulled from across the room. You watch him roll up his sleeve and take off one of his shoes, but you don't know what trick is behind it all — until he addresses your colleague and asks for an envelope in which she had already written the name of any object she could have chosen.

Is this something you would expect to see in a magic show? No, because not even the skeptic in your group thinks it could be a trick. And the virtual mentalist who had just performed the mental miracle was using an entirely new type of magic.

The man who made this trick is a Master Mentalist called Jon Finch, and is currently the only mentalist in the world who uses this mind reading technique. He invented it. The key to what virtual virtuoso Jon Finch does — professional virtual zoom mentalist Jon Finch — is being able to mentally view thoughts from across the globe, and to do it all from his ordinary mind ;).

His performance is impressive by itself, but what makes this a magical breakthrough is he's able to do it again and again, with people who have no idea of how he does it. When trickery is hidden through a person's ability to read facial expressions or body language, Master Mentalist Jon Finch has developed a system to help him make this stunt so convincing that it leaves even computer specialists, psychologists, and other mentalists flummoxed!

For a night of interactive, high-energy fun engaging all your guests and having them spit out their drinks the whole way through? Book virtual mentalist Jon Finch for your next event. With an impressive 100+ raving testimonials — many who are so grateful to the psychological illusionist they book the show again and again — Jon Finch's mental magic is guaranteed to get everyone out of their shells in good humor with some fantastic mental tricks up his sleeve.

Master Mentalist Jon Finch has always found success at virtual meetings where people often feel shy about getting involved or starting conversations. His easygoing persona is perfect as it gives any stiff group a chance to loosen up and enjoy themselves while he creates mental illusions right before their eyes during virtual corporate events tailored just for adults.


“So happy Jon joined our group - he really brought the zoom party to a whole new level!
Was a ton of fun!!!”

Debbie McKenna, Boston Consulting Group


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Virtual Zoom-Party-Ideas - Magician

“Everyone had fun and Jon picked on the right people :)  People are talking about the event and “how he did it”. So glad that we hired Jon. Will mention to others as well.”

Patti Soch, CFO, Liquibase


“Our team absolutely loved having Jon Finch perform at our event, they still haven't stopped talking about how much fun they had!”

—Hannah Ressinger, Chief (C-Suite Executives Private Club)


minds blown!

“Wow, Jon joined our virtual happy hour and my mind has been reeling since, with the amazing performance and predictions from yesterday. People are messaging me this morning to talk about it more, as our minds are blown!

We'll be talking about Jon to all our family and friends, I'm sure!”

Heidi Alexander, Optimal, Kirkland, WA


magician magic illusionist

His show was absolutely insane.

Going to send Jon’s name out to a few people internally so that I can share with others the fact that “OMG he guessed the card THROUGH THE COMPUTER screen what the hell is happening!”

His show was a hit with the team for sure and I’m going to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how exactly Jon Finch does this. Above and beyond the pure magic, of course.”

Max Brunet, Workday, Montreal, Canada

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Virtual Zoom Magicians ipad magic tricks

“That's..... Impossible....
The depth of Jon’s skills became clear after we compared notes later.

The online show was incredible and had my family & guests laughing out loud and trying to figure out how he knew after the show. I loved it, was the perfect fit! Absolutely great.

That was SUCH a fun party and now I totally believe in magic.”

Judd Abramson


Microsoft, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Goldman Sachs, and Netflix video loved his virtual corporate happy hour online magic tricks.

zoom virtual magician jon finch

“We booked Jon to perform at our virtual happy hour last night! Jon presented incredible interactive magic for our clients a week-or-so ago.

We’re still talking about how much fun we had! He was awesome!!

I appreciate how easy Jon made the whole booking process, and I’m hoping we can have him back in the future.”

Jenna Strachota, Syneos Health, New York, NY 10281

Your virtual audience will love Zoom Magician Jon Finch and his virtual magic and mentalism show, too.

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