VigRX Plus Reviews – Should you Buy the Pills or Not – Pros and Cons

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunctions? Do you want stronger and powerful erections? Do you want to experience intense orgasms? If your answer is YES, keep reading our VigRX Plus Reviews to make your wishes come true with VigRX Plus. ……………………………………

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A lot of men suffer in silence because of lack of an effective treatment for issues to do with erectile complications. Many relationships and marriages have been destroyed because of the inability of men to perform in bed according to their partner’s expectations.

Have you been endlessly searching for a permanent solution to your problem but you haven’t found one yet? It is a wonder drug that has changed lives, restored families and given those men who had given up on life a second chance to be happy.

It is a newer and more improved version of the already popular VigRX. This new supplement features 3 new exciting ingredients; Bioperine, Damiana and Tribulus. Before choosing a male enhancement product, it’s always wise to research and find out what benefits you stand to gain from each product. We’ve realized that most  reviews are sketchy and leave out important facts that you need to know as a consumer.

For this reason, we’ve decided to do an in-depth Vigrx Plus review which is a daily supplement packaged in a box with 60 capsules. Whether you are young or old, Vigrx works perfectly despite your age. This MULTIPURPOSE supplement helps to boost your appetite for sex and improves your quality of erections with a view to attain intense orgasms.

It’s worth mentioning that it is a natural supplement and this is one of the major reasons why it so popular today. If you’ve been looking for a comprehensive review, you have come to the right place. Our review covers all the important information you need to know about this product and how it works to help you become a better man.

What is VigRx Plus?

It is a new and unique male enhancement product that introduces an effective, convenient and guaranteed way to spruce up your sex life. This is a natural alternative for users who don’t want to use synthetic supplements and believe in natural products to boost sexual performance.

It comes with a number of powerful natural extracts which shall be discussed later in this review. Unlike many other sexual enhancement pills you’ll find on the market, the pills have been uniquely designed to ensure harder and long lasting erections; isn’t this every guy’s dream? When you read vigrx plus reviews online, you will notice many users agreeing it produced great results far beyond what they expected.

So, what is this exactly that makes guys impressed with the results? Unlike other male enhancement products that take long to begin working, this supplement enables you get an INSTANT erection when you want one; you don’t have to take the pill and wait for several hours to see results.

VigRX Plus Review and Ingredients…



So, Does It WORK?

YES ABSOLUTELY! Unlike other pills that you have to consistently use for a while to see results, it quickly gets assimilated into your system. This way, you get to see changes within a significantly SHORTER period of time compared to other competitor products.

A lot of men get frustrated spending too much time trying to determine if a product is working for them or not. However, when you use Vigrx for men, you will know right away whether this supplement has helped you or not.

Many male enhancement supplements are manufactured using ingredients that take about two months to begin working; this DOESN’T APPLY.


Use it and Become a Better Man in Bed

When you use Vigrx Plus, there is no doubt your sex drive will undergo a MAJOR boost. As numerous male enhancement pills only work to help you have better erections, it not only improves your erections but also enhances your desire for enjoyable intercourse.

Majority of male enhancement supplements only focus on boosting your erections but FAIL to improve your overall sex drive. The problem with this is you will have better erections but little desire for sexual intercourse.

To be honest, it doesn’t make sense to have good quality erections but lack the desire to engage in sexual intercourse. To solve this problem, order it to enjoy full sexual enhancement benefits.

10 Reasons to Use it

This review clearly explains what benefits you will gain when you buy this incredible male supplement. Many guys who’ve used this formula agree the list of benefits is ENDLESS. Below are some of the advantages you will experience when using it.

  1. Last Longer in Bed

Who wouldn’t want to last longer in bed? It’s every man’s joy to enjoy prolonged sex. Vigrx pills are superb for helping you have a LONGER sex session which every guy yearns for. Furthermore, lasting longer in bed promotes healthier and happier relationships as your partner will be pleased with you. From past vigrx Plus reviews, before and after comparison show a tremendous improvement during sexual intercourse.

  1. Increase your Penis size

Are you stressed because of having a small penis? Well, this powerful supplement aims to completely change your experience. Men who have a larger penis naturally have explosive sexual intercourse and this product is manufactured using vigrx ingredients that work collectively to increase the size of your penis.

  1. Longer Lasting Erections

How does it feel when you suddenly lose your erection during intercourse? It’s a traumatizing experience for many men. In addition, if you’re usually unable to sustain an erection for a long period of time, it adversely affects your sexual performance and relationship. There are numerous vigrx reviews with many life changing stories of men whose relationships have received a new lease of life thanks to VigRX male enhancement pills.

  1. Boost Your Sex Drive

Vigrx pills revamp your sex drive making you look forward to sexual intercourse. Many people spend a lot of money and effort looking for the right supplement to increase sex drive. If you’ve been searching for a product to boost your sex drive, buy it and rekindle your passion for sex.

  1. Get Firmer Erections

All guys know the value and pleasure that comes with FIRMER erections; your sex experience will definitely be mind-blowing. Vigrxplus has successfully helped men to achieve firm erections they never believed they could.

An erect dick  facilitates deep penetration making sex more pleasurable. So, if you’re tired of having weak erections, it’s time to find out where to buy vigrxplus supplement. Women love men who can maintain a hard erection throughout intercourse.

  1. Experience Powerful Orgasms

If you feel your orgasms haven’t been powerful and exciting, it’s time to immediately purchase vigrx oil. This allows them work on ensuring you have longer and more pleasurable orgasms. Once you realize the incredible power that comes with the pills, you’ll definitely be thrilled to see your sexual experiences ushered to a whole new level.

  1. See Fast Results

It’s very frustrating to deal with inconveniences arising from erectile dysfunction and many men are usually desperate to find an immediate solution. Unfortunately, not many male enhancement products offer quick results, you have to use them for a while to begin seeing changes. However, Vigrx plus results are seen immediately because this supplement is designed to quickly solve your problems and restore your confidence in bed.

  1. Control Your Erections

Many men complain of lack of proper erection control which in most cases leads to disappointment during sexual intercourse. Vig rx enables you to have better control and therefore making you to be in charge in bed and maximize your experience. A lot of men who’ve taken these pills share incredible stories of success and how they’ve managed to re-ignite the spark in their love lives.

  1. No Side Effects

Nowadays, it’s not easy to find a male enhancement supplement with no side effects. If you thought you’ve exhausted your options, you need to find out where to buy vigrxplus and enjoy a great outcome without having to worry about any side effects. Numerous vigrx plus reviews are sufficient proof that this male enhancement product is completely SAFE to use with no vigrx plus side effects.

  1. 100% Natural

Natural male enhancement products are increasingly gaining popularity in the market. Vigrx ingredients come from natural extracts making this product ideal and safe to deal with various kinds of male sexual deficiencies. You don’t need to break the bank to find an affordable natural male enhancement supplement; buy vigrx and you’ll NOT be disappointed.

VigRX Ingredients

Have you ever wondered why many men love using vigrx pills? It’s simply because they’re extremely EFFECTIVE in boosting sexual performance. This product ranks top amongst male enhancement products because of the unique composition of vigrx ingredients that play a key role in ensuring this product fully caters for your needs. If you’re looking for vigrx plus for sale, the following ingredients make up this AMAZING male enhancement pill.

Epimedium Leaf Extract

This ingredient plays a major role in size increment as it contains icariin which inhibits PDE-5 receptor thus boosting nitric oxide levels which promotes blood flow to the penis. When this happens, you get stronger and firmer erections meaning better sex experiences. It’s no doubt vigrx before and after results for numerous users have shown a remarkable penis size increase.


This ingredient is widely associated with improving orgasms and is commonly known as the “Pleasure Enhancer’ with the responsibility of creating powerful and pleasurable orgasms. When you enjoy orgasms, naturally you become more interested in sexual intercourse ultimately improving your sex drive. You now know the reason why vigrxplus promotes intense orgasms.

Ginkgo Leaf and Muira Pauma Bark Extract

If you have low sex drive, these two vigrx ingredients work hand in hand to increase your passion for sex and have pleasurable orgasms. If you’ve been asking yourself does it work, these two magical ingredients help you to get into the right mood for sex and ensure your performance in bed remains above par. Ginkgo leaf complements Epimedium leaf extract in increasing blood circulation to the penis.

Asain Red Ginseng

It original gets its erection strengthening abilities from this superb ingredient that ensures you get the best erection. As the other ingredients work towards boosting your sex drive and increasing blood flow to your organ, asain and ginseng is aimed at making you ready for sex anytime and not being let down whenever you need an erection. With firmer erections, you’re guaranteed both you and your partner will have a rewarding and unforgettable sex experience.

Saw Palmetto Berry

This is a common ingredient that is found in many natural health products including vigrx. Saw Palmetto Berry is known for its hormone managing capabilities which include inhibiting androgen and estrogen activity thus ensuring normal hormonal balance is attained.

In addition, Saw Palmetto Berry prevents prostate enlargement by preventing testosterone from converting to dihydrotestosterone so your hormone levels are kept under control. When you take them, you don’t have to worry about complications arising from an enlarged prostate.

Catuba Bark Extract

Many relationships have been destroyed because of low libido. However, it contains Catuba Bark extract which is responsible for BOOSTING your energy levels thus allowing you to last longer in bed. When you buy vigrx plus, this ingredient works on improving your stamina and therefore, you can be assured of having mind-blowing sexual intercourse.


Bioperine is a new ingredient in the formula whose primary role is to boost the effectiveness of all the other ingredients included in the supplement. Aside from significantly contributing to the immense power of vig rx, this ingredient also works to help improve your body’s digestion processes and gastrointestinal absorption. This “ingredient boosting” role enables other ingredients to be properly digested this facilitating awesome results when using them.


What Makes Them So Powerful?

The market is flooded with different kinds of male enhancement products but what makes VigRX so powerful and unique that many men who’ve used it highly recommend this formula? The answer lies in the ingredient composition and extensive clinical research. Described below are three key reasons why this pill is a top, popular and effective male enhancement formula.

Clinically Proven

Before releasing them on the market, extensive clinical studies and research was carried out for over a decade in order to come up with the best and powerful working formula that upholds safety standards.

Presently, research is still ongoing with an aim to make this product more effective and assure users of amazing results. Don’t be afraid to try out this superb supplement as it has undergone extensive clinical tests and approvals for use.

Optimized Dosage

A careful balance of ingredients has been taken into consideration to ensure that all ingredients collectively work together to produce excellent results. Vigrx Plus ingredients have been added in the right proportions to ensure the product works extremely fast, produce great results and is not unsafe for users.

Natural and Fresh Ingredients

Many users nowadays prefer natural products because they don’t contain chemicals that can cause adverse side effects. The manufacturers of this supplement have strictly used only natural and fresh ingredients in their appropriate proportions. High quality natural ingredients allow better performance and provide a suitable alternative for those who don’t want to use synthetic male enhancement products.


Who Needs to Use Them?

You’re probably thinking this male enhancement supplement isn’t for you. However, have you stopped for a moment to think whether you’re completely SATISIFIED with your sexual life? If you find yourself in one or more of the categories described below, you definitely need to buy vigrx plus dosage to revamp your sexual abilities.

If you’re Unable to Last Longer in Bed

Many guys silently suffer from this stigma yet it has been SPECIFICALLY designed to deal with this problem. Premature orgasms deny both you and your partner the chance to genuinely enjoy pleasurable sex causing dejection and conflicts in the relationship.

If you have Low Libido

When you have low libido, you lack interest in sex and therefore, do not look forward to enjoying sex with your partner. Sex is an enjoyable and pleasurable experience everyone looks forward to enjoying with their partner. This gives you an opportunity to INSTANTLY work on improving your libido.

If you Suffer Premature Orgasms

Having premature orgasms is a serious problem that has destroyed many happy relationships and marriages. Unfortunately, if you don’t get proper treatment, it’s an issue you have no control over.

Don’t sit back and watch your relationship go down the drain; read numerous vigrx plus before and after testimonials online and see how many men have managed to successfully overcome this problem and revamped their relationships thanks to vigrx pills.

If You Lack Sexual Stamina

Guys with sexual stamina are always happy and proud because they know they’re good in bed. Unfortunately, if you cannot sustain sexual momentum, it becomes difficult for you to enjoy sex and please your partner. Vigrx Plus has been manufactured with the finest ingredients to immediately work on your body system and create favorable conditions for boosting sexual stamina.

If You Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the most common male sexual health condition that has adversely affected the life of many people. There are many supplements on the market that claim to cure erectile dysfunction but many of them fail to deliver the expected results. If this problem has been giving you sleepless nights, order vigrx plus today and embark on your path to recovery!


If you are Unable to Sustain a Hard Erection for a Long Time

The level of pleasure during sexual intercourse is determined by the quality of erection. If you can’t remain erect for a long period of time, you will lose a great amount of sexual pleasure because there will be no deep penetration. However, this male enhancement formula will definitely enable you to once again have firm and long lasting erections, isn’t this exciting?

How Much is it?

It is an answered prayer for many men who have been searching endlessly for effective male enhancement products. In case you want to purchase these pills, you need to have an idea of the price so that you can decide the best option for you.

Unlike many other male sex formulas, vigrx comes in multiple packages and is only found on the manufacturer’s website. Bear in mind, if you spend more on this supplement, you get to enjoy greater discounts.

Where to Buy it in Stores

It is a top popular supplement whose incredible performance and amazing results have been discussed in numerous vigrx reviews. However, finding the original in stores is impossible because as earlier mentioned; this supplement can only be bought directly from the manufacturers.

Women also go to the extent of searching for this formula in order to assist their men become better lovers. If you’re wondering where can I buy vigrx plus, don’t worry because we have a solution for you.

How is It Unique and Different from Other Supplements?

It’s a nightmare finding vigrx plus in retail stores because the manufacturer has put in place stringent measures to discourage third party distribution. The product is directly sold to consumers and therefore, if you find it on shelves in retail stores, chances are high the products could be counterfeit.

So why does the manufacturer deliberately sell Vigrx Plus direct to consumers?

It’s important to note that many people end up taking counterfeit male enhancement supplements because some middlemen tend to create imitations for selfish financial gain. Below are some of the reasons Vigrx manufacturer has opted to sell their products directly to consumers.

Enjoy Lower Prices

With distributors out of the way, you can access vigrx plus pills at affordable prices since several distribution related costs such as transportation, time and labor are avoided. As the manufacturer cuts overhead costs, the consumer benefits from lower product prices.

Preserving the Reputation of the Brand

The supplements industry is growing daily because of the increased demand from people looking for a solution to various physical and sexual problems. Because of this, the risk of counterfeiting has increased and as a result, people are spending a lot of money buying fake male enhancement supplements.

By interacting directly with consumers, Vigrx manufacturer has managed to substantially cut the chances of counterfeiting the product and thus ensuring users only use approved and certified pills.

Good Customer Care

With different types of male enhancement products mushrooming all over the place, Vigrx has cut off distributors and instead, chose to work directly with consumers. This is a great way for the company to get first-hand and genuine product reviews directly from consumers with an aim of improving the product. The manufacturer has the chance to listen to what the customer is saying since all complains and feedback is directed to the manufacturer; this improves customer service.


Stay Away from Counterfeits!

From the above information, it’s easy to see why vigrx is different from other supplements on the market and the level of commitment the manufacturer has shown to ensure the QUALITY and REPUTATION of the product is not compromised at any given time.

This strategy has worked well for the manufacturer because it has ensured that vigrx results remain unmatched and consumers are always happy using the formula. Buying counterfeit supplements is not only dangerous since it exposes you to a lot of risks, you also waste your money buying products that will not help to solve your problem.

If you’ve been a victim of counterfeit male enhancement products, you now know why you need to buy them. Don’t let your sex life take a turn for the worse because of using non-effective products. Remember, it’s not only about the price but rather, the benefits you gain to stand from using this awesome supplement.

What is the Effect of Ordering Fake Pills?

Unlike other kinds of pills, vigrx pills are only sourced from the manufacturer. However, some people still find themselves falling prey to counterfeit products. When you buy your pills, it’s always important to make sure you have purchased them from the certified supplier.

Once you know where to buy vigrxplus, you are ASSURED of purchasing the original product. Remember, FAKE pills are quite dangerous to use because the ingredients used are not the same as those used in the original product.

Instead of containing the correct vigrx ingredients, counterfeits have substandard ingredients whose origin and safety standards cannot be ascertained.

How Can You Spot Fake Pills?

If you want to ensure you have the original supplement, don’t buy this product from third party online platforms because they’re the major sources of counterfeit supplements. Don’t fall for tricks from people who masquerade as representatives of the manufacturer when in real sense, they are unscrupulous traders out to make profits.

Ridiculously Lower Prices than the Official Price

A one month supply on the official website goes for $76. If you find it on other online platforms being sold for less than the recommended price, don’t buy because it’s definitely a fake supplement. There is nowhere else you can find them for less than $76 so don’t be duped.

Check for Expiry Date

Every  pack has a clear expiry date displayed on the blister pack. When you buy from the official manufacturer, you should have at least one year of use before the supplement expires. If you happen to buy a pack that expires in a month or two, it is likely you have not purchased vigrx plus original.

Carefully Check the Box and Packaging

When you order from middlemen, some boxes may appear worn out or faded. Imitations can never be like the real product so you’re likely to see some differences. Vigrx Plus packaging that comes from the manufacturer looks new and colorful. The fake box can sometimes appear unproportioned and have all sorts of marks.

Another thing to watch out for is whether the back of the blister pack has any signs of tears or an opening. When you purchase the REAL VIGRX PLUS, it’s fully sealed and therefore you will not see any suspicious marks and openings.

Examine the Verification Code

In order to curb the ever increasing number of counterfeits on the market, the manufacturer has come up with a way to help consumers identify GENUINE pills. Nowadays, every box has a verification number and so you can be able to determine whether the formula is genuine or not. When you order vigrx plus, you’ll see a verification number, you can send it to them to confirm whether the pills you have purchased are real or fake.

Break Open the Capsule

One of the best ways of determining whether your Vigrx pills are real or fake is to open the capsule and check the inner contents. If the powder inside the capsule is BROWN, you know you have the genuine pills.

However, if the powder is WHITE, the product is fake meaning you didn’t purchase Vigrx Plus from the manufacturer. Knowing the popularity, powerful and awesome results that users get from this male enhancement pill, a number of con traders use a white substance to sell fake products to oblivious customers.

With this information, you now know what to do to avoid being conned, buy the REAL pills and wait for your life to be transformed.

What to Do If You’ve Bought FAKE Pills

If you find yourself in this situation, try getting in touch with the seller who sold the supplement. In most cases, most sellers will never admit liability and therefore, they will not refund your money. To save yourself all this trouble, order your pills only from the official Vigrx Plus website.

This way, you save your money because you know you’ve purchased a real product and you’re also safe from nasty side effects that come from counterfeit products. When you buy from the manufacturer, the entire purchasing experience is really exciting and you can ask the manufacturer all questions you have to clear any doubts.

Money Guarantee Offer is Worth Trying Out

When you buy male enhancement supplements especially from suppliers, you will never get a chance to try out the product before buying it. However, the manufacturer understands the importance of money back guarantee and has therefore, made it possible for consumers to try the product and see how it works. Vigrx has an awesome money guarantee plan that enables you to try the product for 2 months. They send you 2  containers and you immediately begin taking the pills.

If you don’t feel satisfied with the results, you’re free to return the 2 empty containers and get back your full refund excluding shipping charges. This is a UNIQUE and AWESOME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE you will not find easily. So, take that step today and order the dosage; in any case; you have nothing to lose.

There is no doubt they have the best money back guarantee scheme that competitors fear. This scheme is managed on the principle of simplicity and fairness for every customer.


Do you wish to buy an effective and high performing male enhancement formula while at the same time, make great savings thanks to amazing discounts? Buy Vigrx Plus today because the seller is extremely generous; when you purchase multiple containers, you get an exciting discount.

A lot of male supplement sellers never want to commit themselves to such an incredible money back guarantee and discount offer because they’re not sure if their products will achieve the intended results. However,  official sellers have full confidence in their product and they’re SURE you will LOVE Vigrx Plus pills.

You Don’t have to FEAR, it is a top-rated supplement that is sold from a LEGITIMATE company with real offices and a dedicated team to ensure your needs are successfully addressed. When you buy them regardless of where you are in the globe, you’re assured of round the clock support and swift responses to any queries. The results are Excellent and so you will have a great time.Your Privacy is Guaranteed

A lot of men prefer not to disclose their condition to anyone or let anyone know they’re planning to purchase male sexual enhancement pills.  When you’re buying the pills, your privacy is respected as orders are shipped in plain and discrete packaging with only the company’s name indicated as the sender of the package. Unlike numerous other pills where your privacy could be violated, nobody will notice you’ve purchased Vigrx Plus pills.

FAST shipping of your Order

Regardless of where you are across the globe, you can comfortably order for Vigrx Plus since the company ships orders to every part of the world. The best part is your order is shipped within 48 hours via Express Courier and therefore you will have your pills within the shortest time possible.

You don’t have to suffer relying only on local supplements some of which may not even address your problem; make an online order of Vigrx and get the best product designed to QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY address your needs. When your order has been dispatched, you will receive a tracking number and have your pills delivered on your doorstep. Isn’t that convenient and exciting?

Clinical Results

You don’t want to spend on your hard earned money on a product that doesn’t help you. A lot of guys get disappointed because of buying products whose performance has not been tested and documented. Very few male enhancement products have adequate and proven statistics to back up their performance.

It is an amazing formula having undergone extensive clinical tests. This is probably one of the main reasons why this product still ranks at the top in a very competitive industry. A good review is accompanied by a detailed explanation of vigrx before and after results.

If you want to know just how well it works, take a look at this survey that was published in 2012 BMC Journal of Complementary $ Alternative Medicine. Vigrx Plus was compared to placebo in order to determine how the two drugs performed.

The study was conducted on men who have different kinds of erectile issues. The study focused on 78 men aged between 25 and 50 years and was carried out on sampled men randomly taking 2 pills per day over a 12 week period.

Results after 12 weeks:

Drug                   Results Percentage Increase

VigRX Plus              16.08% – 25.05 %

Placebo                  15.86% – 16.47 %

In terms of partner satisfaction, VigRX scored impressively well with an 82. 75 score for partner approval while placebo group scored 18.5.  Even though every user is different, Vigrx performed exceptionally well when tested on different parameters.

Other studies done in 2010 and 2016 have shown VigRX outshines most of its competitors. The key parameters for testing included checking for Stronger sexual desire, higher sexual intercourse satisfaction, number of orgasms and greater overall sex satisfaction all of which VigRX scored IMPRESSIVELY WELL.

After a 12 week period, men who used vigrx plus had a 23.49% increase in orgasms, 61% increase in sexual enjoyment, 71.43% increase in sexual intercourse and 47% increase in sex drive and desire.

With the above successes, there’s NO doubt it remains the UNDISPUTED KING of male enhancement pills. These results are a clear indication that VigRX has been OVERWHELMINGLY been embraced as the best product for the male vitality industry. Based on these clinical statistics which can be double checked and proven for authenticity, Vigrx Plus is an amazing drug you can depend on for a new chapter of improved sexual health.

We hope this VigRX plus Review has been helpful and provided all the information you need to make an informed decision. Don’t waste any more time and start taking charge of your journey towards improved sexual health. We strongly recommend them as a must try since it has impressive reviews and is a well respected male enhancement formula.

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