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(when your team needs a lift)


Can’t give your team a fancy chocolate fountain? Or even cocktails?
Now you can give them an interactive experience full of wonder.
And you've got the best seats in the house!


These top companies turned to magician Jon Finch to make their virtual corporate event extraordinary.


Jon gave us two great nights of Magic! He masterfully handled the rowdy crowd in a funny and gracious way. Everybody loved him! (And Lynda is still trying to figure out how he did it).I’ll certainly recommend Jon Finch in this weird, new world.

—Sybille Brown, VP at TransUnion

Don't let your next online meeting become a snoozefest. Make it extraordinary! What's the trick? What's way better than your team folding their arms and just spectating for the entire time?


Real magic for an UNREAL Zoom event. With the experience of hundreds of online shows performed and 100+ glowing reviews of his interactive virtual magic show for adults, professional Zoom magician Jon Finch knows how to get your group out of their shells.

Your team will thank you!

Your Team Will Love You!

What’s it like to see your friends and colleagues brought together and out of their shell?
Top companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Google turn to professional magician Jon Finch for their virtual entertainment needs. Amazing live interactive virtual appearances.

Frequently Asked Questions


So happy Jon joined our group - he really brought the zoom party to a whole new level!
Was a ton of fun!!!
Happy Holidays and cheers to a great 2021!

Debbie McKenna
Brittany Lerner
Executive Assistant
Boston Consulting Group

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With incredible virtual mind reading and strong Zoom magic, you can brighten the atmosphere using engaging comedy magic, engagement, interactive mind reading with 100% audience participation, and serious fun.


  • Everybody’s really excited and thrilled.

  • Everyone feels connected to one another.

  • People feel connected to the company more because it’s the company that brought the experience.


Virtual Virtuoso Jon Finch | Amazing Magic & Mindreading | Performed for Corporate and Private Virtual Events

What does the team feel before, during, and after the online magic show?


The tribe was truly impressed with Jon’s skills and left the meeting in complete awe, including myself! The "fluzzy" and Burning Man trick was just mind blowing!

Staff were reaching out to the Mgmt Team throughout the day wanting to talk about their experience and almost wanting us to tell them that it was rigged and "we were working behind the scenes with Jon." It was absolutely hilarious! Incredibly grateful to Jon for such an amazing performance and for sharing his gift with us!

Our staff were raving about the event to their participants throughout their sessions last week and now the participants are texting me non stop asking when it's their turn! haha! Will be scheduling another hour event with 10-15 of our participants.

Shannon Hahn
Level Up Solutions, El Sagundo, CA

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Jon really brought the fun today!  The feedback I’ve received thus far has been that everyone was entertained and had a good time!

Tammy Young
Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)


You can tailor the exact show to your team building event and branding. Set a mood that makes everyone in the nearby magic Zoom Room feel like old friends. Nothing can harmonize two groups faster than seeing one another surprised by comedy, strong virtual magic, and engaging mind reading.


Everyone had fun and Jon picked on the right people :)  People are talking about the event and “how he did it”.

So thankful that we hired Jon. Will mention to others as well.

Patti Soch, CFO


No top hat. No frilly sleeves. No cheesy magic.

The virtual zoom magician has been filling multi meetings with audience participation, loved charm, amazing magic, and priceless memories—incredible little miracles.


Jon Finch’s show and whole approach was so fun. We got really positive notes from multiple people on our team and we appreciate how much time he spent with us.

Michelle Friedman
Manager, Integrated Marketing Strategy


No dogs. No ponies. Just terrific.

Having performed at hundreds of nearby virtual shows in, around, and near me, event planners seeking interactive zoom call entertainment know that virtual Zoom Magician Jon Finch offers a professional service. This virtual show service transforms dull, ordinary online meetings into successful, extraordinary virtual events near you, wherever you are.


Wow, so thankful to Jon for joining our happy hour. My mind has been reeling since, with the amazing performance and predictions from yesterday. People are messaging me this morning to talk about it more, as our minds are blown!

We'll be talking about Jon to all our friends and family, I'm sure!

Heidi Alexander
Optimal, Kirkland, WA

teleconference ability

Zoom Magician Jon Finch entertains adults like YOU with interactive Zoom entertainment. He puts astonishing virtual online magic in your living room.

At this Zoom magic show, the main feature is YOU.

The guests at your private event or online meetings will interact with one another like never before. Your employees, clients, and friends will be transported online to a different world where they will be engrossed in amazing interactive magic via Zoom.

Let’s pack each minute of your celebration full of excitement, memories, and magic entertainment that you and your online guests will talk about for years to come!

How many miracles have you experienced at an online zoom meeting?

After the virtual Zoom party your lucky guests will be virtually unable to contain their joy and excitement. They’ll actually congratulate you. They’ll talk about your virtual show being the highlight of the meeting, long after the multiple views gone mental.

With extraordinary Zoom magic shows for adults, highly recommended magic for fun corporate activities, engaging parties, and fun ways to entertain clients in absolute virtual shows, this professional service by the world-class virtual magic professional magician for corporate events perfectly transforms ordinary live virtual events into successful, extraordinary virtual events.

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Wow!!! That was INCREDIBLE! Jon MADE the birthday party!

If you're looking for a Virtual Magician, look NO further than ! (I'm sure he's even better in person but we experienced him during Covid)

We're in Cali and we just shut back down again because of Covid. So, I organized a Zoom call for my husband's 36th birthday. I found Jon on Google and when I tell you... we had a Zoom room of over 30 people and I got soooo many texts afterwards saying this was the best Zoom party they've ever attended (it's better to go smaller so you can see everyone on one screen but my husband has A LOT of friends. LoL)!

Jon did some seriously INCREDIBLE tricks.. he was guessing the correct playing cards in about 5 different guests' hands VIRTUALLY!! Including ours!! And that's just the beginning!

Plus, his rate is affordable and worth every dime and more!

Zoom parties where not everyone knows each other can be awkward but we didn't have to worry about anything. He has a great personality that cracked everyone up. And the best part is we had people with kids as well as older adults and his show worked for ALL OF THEM!

I can't recommend him enough. Book him for your next event. You won't regret it!

Yvonne Senat Jones, Long Beach CA

Virtual Magician Serving Corporate Events
& Private Zoom Events in

The World

Video Conferencing

Soon for a video conference during quarantine,
top companies enjoyed and highly recommend the interactive magic, and sleight of mind engagement of this talented virtual magician.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many guests can watch the Zoom entertainment at once?

Do 90% of his shows have exactly 25 attendees?

At a general glance, you see screenshots and videos showing 25 screens filled with joy.
When you see exactly 25 screens in a screenshot from a show, there was at least one other page filled with attendees.

Zoom displays 25 screens, very entertaining regardless of how many attendees are watching the magic.

At a zoom show, the Miracle Man magician has entertained nearly 1,000 attendees virtually at a time. Still, at any time as Zoom you see 25 screens.
However, virtual online accept how interactive the Miracle Man virtual magic show is (literally 100% interactive… there is no virtual magic show without the magician’s back-and-forth keeps with the audience every second of each minute); for the best experience and views during the amazing online magic show, close-knit teams of 20 to 50 are ideal.


What is the age range for the magic virtual show?

An adult audience most appreciates virtual magician entertainer Jon Finch. The incredible online magic show is a family-friendly experience. But the virtual magic show for adults is recommended for ages 10+. This is best because younger children don’t know the difference between possible and impossible.

How much does a virtual magic show cost?

The price of a virtual magic show can range from as low as $700 for a small personal event and from $1100 for a small corporate event (30 min, <10 attendees). The rate for a virtual magician depends on many factors including guest count, type of event, date of the event, extent of customization, duration of the show, and the date of the virtual event.

What do I need to provide for a zoom virtual magic show?

You have everything you need. Upon booking, the magician will send you a list of tips to review. This is to make sure your event is very entertaining. In that list are some optional recommended household items your attendees can have ready. Prepare to be completely flabbergasted.

Can our virtual team see a demo of the interactive magician over a Zoom call video conference?

So that you can get a feeling for the virtual show, you can watch several videos of his magic posted on this site. In some circumstances, the zoom magician will meet the client before the show to discuss the event, determine whether your event is a good fit, and how the zoom show will run. In some cases, the magician may decide the magic’s not a perfect fit and may recommend a different entertainer. Finch understands that platforms such as Webex are still unfamiliar to many people. So if you can find a spot in his schedule for an evolution demo, he is happy to demo.

Am I required to provide my own link or does the magician send me the Zoom link?

Upon booking and payment, you’ll receive a list of cool instructions and recommended tips to get the most fun out of your virtual event. In addition, you’ll also receive a Zoom Meeting link (you’ll receive the zoom link upon payment and again a few hours before the show). If you prefer using your zoom link, that’s not a problem. Just be sure to make the magician host upon his appearance—the online magic show will run smoother that way.


Can my team do video conferencing before or after the virtual magic show experience?

Each Miracle Man Meeting includes 15 minutes cushion deal at the front and another 15 minutes added to the rear. This kept cushion deal is for your guests to settle in before the magician’s online magic show and mingle after the show. If you’d like more time, just let the magic professional know. He can do that so long as the virtual magician doesn’t have a booking right after.

Highly recommended!

Zoom Magicians ipad magic tricks

That's..... Impossible....
The depth of Jon’s skills became clear after we compared notes later.

Show was incredible and had my family & guests laughing out loud and trying to figure out how he knew. I loved it, was the perfect fit! Absolutely great.

That was SUCH a fun event and as I said at the end, I totally believe in magic.

Cole, Meryl, and Judd Abramson

Just Zoom, or might he perform via BlueJeans, WebEx, Skype, Google Hangouts, Tiktok, Microsoft Teams?

Interactive Virtual Magician Jon Finch has performed via Microsoft Teams, Webex, BlueJeans, and Skype Video Conference

By June 2020, virtual magician entertainer Jon Finch had performed his online magic show throughout Canada, Australia, London, Germany, Silicon Valley, and New York City. The zoom magician has performed on the above teleconference technology platforms. Still, Zoom views makes for the smoothest virtual experience.

Of the virtual shows he performed as of June 2020, 115 were presented via Zoom (and only a handful via other platforms). It’s possible to use WebEx, Google Hangouts, BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams, or other technology, but the online magic show will be decidedly better on Zoom.

What if there are more guests attending than I accounted for in the contact form?

It’s impossible to know exactly how many guests will show for the magic event. I know. If you put into the form 10 but the turn out is 20, that’s not a problem. However, if you enter 50-100 attendees and then 850 show up (it’s happened, it’s actually more), that will reshape the online magic show (not to mention the ticket price).

Are photos/video recording of the zoom magician permitted during the virtual magic show?

Though video recording is prohibited, feel free to capture the magic moments on camera. How much? It's up to you. Since you may want to revisit the terrific and funny magician entertainment moments, the zoom magician can send you views and screenshots of the show upon request.

How Does A Webex Magician Compare to A Magician
for Lockdown Video Conferencing?

  • Via Webex or Microsoft Teams, magic can be performed very well. But think of it, why not just gather your team and play reruns of Fool Us? Or America’s Got Talent? Both are fun ideas. But for the price of one former, you can do the latter a hundred times.

  • You can tailor the magic to work with your virtual gathering. Still, many magicians turn their video conference audiences into spectators rather than participants. For this cause came magician Jon Finch into the world.

  • For most video conferencing audiences after experiencing excellent zoom magic performed and incredible zoom magic performed, the majority will favor the mind reading. A minority will prefer the magic. In this era, we all have our preferences. Based on 1,000 guests polled virtually from over 100 virtual magic shows.

When you gather your friends or family to interact with one another in virtual zoom shows for a lockdown party (with drinks), or your virtual team for excellent entertainment at an economics video conference, the best idea is to give them a magic experience they can’t get on their own. They may not have the ability to get the best in the industry. Only you can hire a magician like Jon Finch.

His performance is unlike any other virtual entertainer or zoom magician because his clever ideas for your 30 min or 60 min virtual gathering are different from almost every other entertainer. That’s just one reason why this magician is four times better than other virtual magicians.

How much does that difference mean to you?


Finch Entertainment:

Virtual Magic Show for Adults

What's The Worst That Could Happen?

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Since the comedy magic entertainment at your virtual event is so important and since magician Jon Finch The Miracle Man knows you'll love the unique zoom magic of Finch Entertainment; and that your guests will definitely section bond in live virtual entertainment, the magician includes a 100% money-back guarantee button device to work especially for any corporate event, virtual birthday parties, families, date night, or any zoom event.

Zoom Reviews

Out of all the loads of local zoom magicians performing magic shows via Zoom, or to perform video conferencing at scale via Skype or Webex, Ellen, Microsoft Teams, ITV, which talent should you choose for virtual interactive party entertainment during lockdown deal? You could find a modified new york city crackpot virtual magician for hire who may be a cheap magician for a virtual birthday party.

Plenty of less experienced Zoom entertainers who have never given a TED Talk, set foot in New York, Britain, s best, the magic circle, or specially any local comedy clubs to perform or impress would definitely jump at the opportunity to tailor magic for zoom, do this, and practice their virtual magic tricks on your important adult guests. But don’t do that. You don’t want to hire a bad virtual magician near your guests and you definitely don’t want a bad magician near your private party.


Whatever the cost of a magician, hiring a custom virtual entertainer is a no brainer. Consider the following. Suppose you’ve already hired the highly recommended zoom magician. You’ve hired and paid the virtual magician’s fee. If you and your zoom group guests are not delighted with the virtual illusionist Zoom entertainment performance of incredible magic, excellent mindreading and psychological illusion, Magician Jon Finch will return every asked dollar of your fee.

Try doing that with any other Juan Tamariz guest party magician or Zoom entertainer talent in the days. That’s how confident this virtual magician for hire is about exactly what magic’s quality of his modified show! Even though his interactive magic experience is most suitable for adults, both kids and adults enjoy the virtual magic views and mind reading.

virtual magic show.jpg

Real Ideas to Really Engage Your Virtual Team


Additionally, though his group Zoom magic show is extremely safe (for now), the virtual magician holds a $3,200,000 insurance policy. This covers all short, long, and extra medium magician zoom performances.

Let’s hope one guest of yours doesn’t shoot one of the virtual magician’s rubber bands near me across the room and end up breaking glass.

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