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Easier Way to Make Your Website Printer Friendly

3 Comments June 25th, 2009 by Cassie

Now it is even easier to use PrintWhatYouLike to generate a printer friendly format for your site!  The print button will now automatically format your site for printing.  Just select the button you would like to include on your site and copy the print button code to your site. It’s that simple! Get the print button for your website

If you don’t like how PrintWhatYouLike automatically formats your site, you can customize how your site is formatted for printing with the PrintWhatYouLike editor.


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  1. Mana says:

    hi! I ve installed PWYL last week on my blog, every time i clcked on the button it redirect me to my print version post. But suddenly the same button with no change, started redirecting me to your site home…. this is not good at all for my visitors, what can i do?!?! please help me here because i was very happy with the firsts results!

  2. jpondry says:

    Saving the environment is a good idea. You have done something really good for the online community as we tend to print without thinking. I’ll be using your buttons on all my sites. When I make money from my online business I’ll upgrade and pay. Unfortunately like millions I am struggling here to make a living.

  3. Thanks for this great little tool for websites!