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New features poll!

4 Comments February 16th, 2009 by Cassie

We have lots of great ideas for new features for PrintWhatYouLike.  Unfortunately, we can’t implement all the new features at once, so we need your help!  Can you take our poll and let us know which new feature you would like to be implemented first?

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  1. Dave says:

    this has been metioned before but here are the suggestions again.

    Instead of adding one link be able to add multiple links appear on one what pritwhatyoulike page example;

    and seperate them with a ; or something in the title.

    Printwahtyoulike has a great deal more potential than just printing. Imagine being able to compile several pages you view each day into a single web page that is formatted for pda view?

    can you please let me know if this idea is something you are interested in entertaining? it would be alot easier to view constant web pages in one file by the click of a link and then save as pdf or even email as pda view pdf?.

  2. pendolino says:

    i agree with the first comment in that this product has amazing potential but even now as just a bookmarklet on my firefox browser its beyond what i had expected in terms of accuracy etc.

    i see many interesting improvements:
    (1) instapaper-like functionality: this game/tool is still playing out and you can take cues from the ‘save for later’ cohort by coming up with new features, tools.
    (2) extraction templates or suggested defaults based either on what the user commonly applies or some kind of AI.
    (3) brainstorming can come up with many more but stick to what you know best and make it work well rather than throwing everything in.

    more importantly for future dialog: set up a page at .

  3. Alanna says:

    I like the service — but really wish that the URL being printed would be included.

  4. Jim says:

    Page Zipper does NOT work at all with Firefox 3.5.3, even the example sites (Time and LolCats) listed on the description page do not result in the claimed functionality